You have troubles e.g. with your Mercedes 600

  • The electronics is defective?
  • The throttle valve is not working?
  • Your electronic accelerator pedal is not functioning properly?
  • Your EFP control unit is out of order?
  • The engine is in emergency running mode?
  • The ASR indicator light comes on?

… then you are exactly in the right place with us!

None of this is a problem for us. As a specialist garage for Classic Cars and Youngtimers, we are experts in the field of Mercedes models. We are passionately committed to applying our years of experience and knowledge, obtained during regular further training, to the repair of your vehicle.

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A control unit is defective / malfunctioning? Challenging, however, in many cases possible to check and  eventually repair.


Throttle valve repair


The throttle valve in your vehicle is defective? We will check it and offer to fix it


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